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About me

Allow me to begin by stating that my life is awesome, and I am enjoying every precious moment of it! I am completely happy and content on my own terms and do not require a relationship to feel good about who I am. However, finding a special lady to share my grand adventure with would certainly be the proverbial icing on the cake. Perhaps it would add a sense of completeness to my life.

Perhaps it would be wise to state what I am not, and then you will get a better picture of me with what is left. Firstly, I am not a liar or a cheat. My saying this does not make it so, but I do believe in personal integrity, and I do not indulge in any behavior which may compromise that. Secondly, I am kind, good-natured, and love to please my lady. In my personal case, what you see is what you get. I am what I am, and I am comfortable in my own skin. Intelligence is very sexy to me, as is a lady who has her own opinions and ideas about life. I love to laugh, and I place a high value on a sense of humor.

Appearance-wise we all have our own tastes. In my case, I find a woman attractive if she has self-confidence along with a kind heart. Size is not an issue either, as I find larger women very beautiful when they are proud of their appearance. Sexiness is an attitude, not a body-type. Regardless of your size, I am more interested in what is going on in your mind and heart.

Romance is important to me as well. The simple old-fashioned kind. Unexpected flowers, holding hands and cuddling, listening to you tell me all about your day and hanging on to your every word. I am indeed a wonderful listener, and I happen to give great backrubs to boot. As my headline states, true romance is the glue which holds any strong relationship together and can be practiced many days a day in a myriad of little ways. I have no problem cleaning the house and even doing laundry, but I also have no problem being the manly-man you crave. Of course, I have a big heart, and I value kindness and respect. However, that does not mean I am a pushover. I have no problem taking charge of a situation when the need arises.

That said, I enjoy the simple things in life, walking hand in hand under the stars or holding you close as we watch the sunset. Sharing the multitude of delights that each day brings with someone special would simply be delicious! Perhaps you are that special lady, just perhaps..

Tomorrow comes quickly upon our hearts, in an instant it arrives;
but it is in that very instant,
that true love comes alive.

Softly, love touches your shoulder,
it gently whispers in your ear;
You turn expectantly,
somehow knowing I would be standing there.

Your eyes blink back tears in disbelief,
Could it be real this time?
Suddenly you feel my lips on yours,
passion ignites with love sublime.

Can it be, You ask. Is my true love here at long last?
Your grip tightens, your breath hastens, as your mind wanders into the past.

Long ago times shared by two,
when an unbreakable bond was forged,
abandoned and left alone,
by love and pain were our hearts deeply scourged.

Oh how they tried to come between us,
they did all in their power to divide,
however we stood firm against them,
standing close side by side.

We have fought the good fight, tho bitter at times it became,
Yet we always knew in our hearts that we were right, that our minds were one and the same.

Now the time has come, to awaken from our long slumber,
To awaken the passion shared by two,
It is time for you to remember, how very much I love you...

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