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About me

Super friendly, professional, easy going and family oriented guy who is looking for a life time commitment. I'm not trying to see how many women I can meet. If I could just find one woman who likes me and whom I like in return, that would be ideal and we could both get off this site. Though, I am hopeful but find it hard to believe the woman I would like to meet and get to know would be on a site like this anyway. She does not belong here. Though she is kind, she doesn't have time for nonsense and doesn't suffer fools. She may consider herself an average woman just trying to get by in this world while being a good person. But she is far from ordinary even though she is likely oblivious to the power of her presence. She is gentle of heart, whip smart, gracious, witty, and charming. Everyone likes her and she treats everyone with dignity. She moves like a cloud, like a Degas dancer animate, and she is beautiful to me. I can't believe she would be here, but maybe....

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